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Door Handles and Locks

Chrelisa Italy (Pvt) Ltd offers a heightened sense of creativity in its door handles and locks range from Pasini. This Italian manufacturer refers to their luxury door handles as ‘protagonists of your everyday life.’ Essential but not noticed. Until now.

The Pasini range is an exclusive collection of door handles and locks. Your choices are wide and varied – sparkling bejeweled handles, classically old-fashioned, innovative i-Design sophistication, or a stylish Fashion Line. Chrelisa Italy (Pvt) Ltd brings you a collection that caters to your every whim and fancy, making it fun to choose this essential accessory in your home design. Pasini continuously pursues perfection and this is evident in the sleek elegance of all their products. All items are Made In Italy and will emboss your home with panache and style.

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