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Chandeliers and Lamps

Impeccable. Unique. Hand-crafted. There are so many ways to describe our exquisite range of lighting fixtures. But they all share one thing in common – an Italian concept of beauty. Hailing from craftsmen, whose skills are as ancient and beautiful as their culture, the Chrelisa Italy (Pvt) Ltd range of lighting is a unique taste of an inimitable Italian heritage. The MM Lampadari and Arteluce brands amalgamate history, artisan skill, technical expertise, and aesthetic vision while remaining contemporary and relevant with high-tech innovative design. The result is an incomparable range: think one-of-a-kind glistening Roman brass chandeliers to contemporary two-prong chandeliers with sleek lines and opal white spheres. Whatever your style choice is, you will be sure to find it at Chrelisa Italy (Pvt) Ltd.

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